djangoadmin domain

Signatures are always in form:



Verbose name of model or model attribute is used as text for link, unless explicit title is specified.

Model role

You can cross reference other model with :djangoadmin:model:`books.Article`.

Model attribute role

Attributes in other models like :djangoadmin:attribute:`books.Article.headline`.

Unicode role

Translation using Django I18n machinery, :djangoadmin:unicode:`yes`.



.. djangoadmin:model:: books.Article

   Description of Article model.

All model fields would be added automatically.


  • Normally, all model attributes will be documented. If you wish to exclude some attributes, use exclude option:
.. djangoadmin:model:: books.Article
   :exclude: id, title
  • Turn off autodocumenting with noautodoc flag.
.. djangoadmin:model:: books.Article

   .. djangoadmin:attribute:: books.Article.creation_date

      Creation date.

Model attribute

.. djangoadmin:attribute:: books.Publication.title

Model attributes are automatically added when Model directive is called.

Current model

.. djangoadmin:currentmodel:: books.Article

Reference :djangoadmin:attribute:`headline`.

Sets current djangoadmin:model. Allows using roles without app.model signature.